Recycling system of Ion exchange resin


Replace used ion exchange resin and cleaning and so on as maintenance.
*For only Japanese market

Resintech is a tank filled with ion exchange resin, which we deliver to your factory.
You only need to connect Resintech to a machine before starting operations.
  • It promotes labor saving and improves operation efficiency.
  • We collect a used resin tank and clean it. Then we deliver the tank refilled with new resin.
  • The resin tank is lent system and recycled.
Model No. R-20
Spec. 20L

We stabilize performance of the resin by agitating the resin with air blow into the tank.
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Features of Resintech

Rationalization of changing and disposing of the ion exchange resin.

Resin-tech is refilled and cleaned at Sun-Yell

To enhance an operation rate of a machine and productivity.

It takes a few minutes to connect Resintech before operations.

For a long life ion exchange resin(Use a separately sold air hose)

You can use the ion exchange resin efficiently by agitating the resin by blowing air with the air hose.

Resintech system